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Ladle Stuffing Sand Slide Gate Plate Nozzle Filling Compond Refreactory Materials Uesd For Countinous Casting

Quick Details: Place of Origin: Henan, China (Mainland) Shape: granule Material: crome and silicon based Refractoriness (Degree): Common (1770 ℃ < Refractoriness< 2000 ℃ ) Brand Name: Topchase Usage:used in the ladle automatic puring ,high automatic casting ratio Grain size : 0-2 , as per...

Quick Details:

 Place of Origin:  Henan, China (Mainland) 
 Shape: granule
 Material:  crome and silicon based
Refractoriness (Degree):  Common (1770< Refractoriness< 2000
 Brand Name:  Topchase 

Usage:used in the ladle automatic puring ,high automatic casting ratio

Grain size 0-2 as per your requirement



this ladle nozzle filling  material has a good dispersion of liquidity, high refractoriness, non-sintering, no clogging, tapping rate of can reaching to 98%, can be used in 1750 casting conditios, dont react with molten steel and alloy composition , can meet the steelmaking process requirements.


Topchase is  professional engaged in producting tundish nozzle ,sliding nozzle and tundish quick changing system,as a professional refractory manufacturer,we also provide verious kinds of refractory materials.

Chromium stuffing sand is made of high quality imported chrome , refined quartz sand and high refractory material, by adding the right amount of sodium lubricant, sintering agent, expansion agent, reducing agent, etc., with good mobility, specific gravity , The flow rate is fast, the thickness of the sintered layer is appropriate, ggod  erosion resistance and penetration of the molten steel, the antomatic pouring rate of the ladle can reach to 98% . During the smelting process, the ladle can be poured continuously, greatly reducing the labor intensity of workers, reduce oxygen blowing, improve the quality of steel products to ensure the smooth progress of continuous casting process.


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